Basics are not just basics

The safe choice. They don’t attract that much attention, but are the classic, flexible and easy choice when you’re choosing an outfit.

These are what we call basics. Basics belong in every wardrobe because you can wear them for any occasion. They work as nightwear, lounge wear, casual wear, office wear and evening wear.

Basics don’t necessarily have to be toned-down and discreet. You can combine them with a wide range of colours to add flair to your outfit.

For us, basics are not just basics. And that means a T-shirt is not just a T-shirt. It works for multiple occasions and comes in a variety of materials, which means you can find your perfect T-shirt cut. Tight-fitting or loose-fitting. Short or long. Regular or oversize.

At NORVIG we want to inspire you to live and choose the simple lifestyle. To spend less time and less energy considering your clothing choices. You’ll never go wrong with NORVIG, so you can make a decision very quickly. Because the basics are classic, timeless, flexible and simple.


Basics for all

Choosing a simple, classic and economical lifestyle should always be a viable option. When it comes to basics, you’ll be in safe hands when you wear timeless everyday clothing from NORVIG, which will never go out of fashion. Never.